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Out There, an Arizona rock band writing original music with a classic rock sound was created by musician, songwriters Kirk Krein and Tom Vanderginst. Kirk and Tom released two albums in 2013, From The Beginning and Out There. Both were recorded, produced and released under Kirk’s independent record label, DreamLand Studios.

The bands third album, Out There Again was released June 12th, 2015 featuring Stephen Fontaine “Steff”,  former Uriah Heep and Joshua vocalist. Sean Medhi has drummed on all of our songs since the start.

Out There’s Classic Rock music style ranges from the acoustic fringe, to hard driving original rock tunes, featuring excellent Guitar Riffs, Driving Bass, Awesome Keyboards, Amazing Vocals and Tasteful Harmonies. It kind of has a Pink Floyd, Kansas, Uriah Heep, Deep Purple, Foreigner sound all mixed together along with a few more.

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Out There Again Album

Out There Album

From The Beginning Album






Audio Tracks on the Out There Again Album (Featuring Stephen Fontaine on lead vocals, known as Steff Fontaine back in the day).

Apocalypse, Stealin – (Uriah Heep Cover), RoadKill Cafe, Caught In A Dream, Love Welcome Home – (Giant Cover), Feel So Good, Pulse, Cruzin Down The Highway, Space Truckin – (Deep Purple Cover), Green Eyes

Audio Tracks on the Out There Album (Original line up – Kirk, Tom and Sean).

Apocalypse, Hold On Tight, Got My Shades On, Flight Through Time, Out There, Into The Night, Taken Away, Time Will Tell, Good Time Tonight, Cruzin Down The Highway, No Place To Hide

Audio Tracks on the From The Beginning Album (Original line up – Kirk, Tom and Sean).

Pulse, Light, Green Eye’s, Caught In A Dream, Drive Me Insane, Journey Through Time, Don’t You Cry, Alien Feast, Quest, RoadKill Cafe