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Kirk Krein Bass, Vocals, Keyboards, Writer, Engineer and Producer for the Arizona rock band Out There.

Kirk Krein, Bass, Keys, Vocals, Writer, Producer


Kirk Krein started playing bass guitar in a North Dakota rock band called Sand Creek back in the early 1970’s. Kirk then moved to Phoenix Arizona in late 1975 where he played in a number of bands, Straight Shooter and the band Alien (both with Stephen Fontaine) were the most note worthy and memorable bands back then!

In the early 1980’s, he took a break from the craziness to raise two great kids and became an accomplished photographer and executive recruiter.

In 2007, Kirk joined a rock cover band called RoadRage after realizing how much he missed music in his life.

In 2009, the inspiration came over him to start recording original music, which led to the creation of the Arizona rock band Out There along with Dreamland Studios. Tom joined Kirk in the endeavor as the guitar player and co- writer.

Kirk Krein plays the bass guitar, keyboards, sings vocals, harmonies, writes melody lines, lyrics, produces, engineers, mixes, masters, acts as the main song writer, spokesman and handles the web content, design and administration for outtheretunes.com.

Kirk is also a Luxury Home Real Estate Photographer in Phoenix Arizona kirkkreinphotography.com.





Tom Vanderginst, Guitar and co-writer for the Arizona rock band Out There

Tom Vanderginst, Guitar and co-writer


Tom Vanderginst played guitar in a number of bands including:

Ravenloft, CA.

Motley Crew, AZ. 

Joe Lawler Group, AZ.

He then took a small break for a few years.

Tom played with String Chemistry in the mid 1990’s.

Vanderginst then then joined the Phoenix cover band RoadRage in 2006 where he met up with Kirk.

Tom and Kirk moved on from RoadRage in 2009 forming the Arizona rock band Out There recording new, original material.







Stephen Fontaine Lead Vocals for the Arizona rock band Out There.

Stephen Fontaine (Steff) Lead Vocals

Stephen “Steff” Fontaine is an American rock singer.[1]

In 1976, he joined Alien, an Arizona based band that was voted the No. 1 cover band in Phoenix in 1977.

In 1980, he joined the band Full House, formerly known as Black Sheep. In the same year he wrote and recorded the vocals on an album done by Orange County[disambiguation needed] based band, Hustler. The band was managed by guitarist and entrepreneurial juggernaut, Jim Hambrick.

In 1982, he joined the band Joshua, which was voted Music Connection Magazine’s band and album of the year.[2]

In 1984, he formed the band Outcast with Scott Warren.

In July 1986, he accepted as the vocalist for Uriah Heep’s United States and Canadian tour, but in September of same year he left the band.

In 1988, he formed the band Ring sting, a studio project with guitarist Lonny Napier.

In 1990, he formed the band Dirty World with guitarist Brad Wilson (of Blind Date) and drummer Marc Droubay (of Survivor).

In 1991, he joined the Eddie St. James Project.

In 1997, he formed Majestic (a tribute band to Journey) and Burn (a tribute band to Deep Purple and Rainbow).

In 1999, he formed the band Nightmare Carnival.

In 2000, he formed the band Heartache City with guitarist Ron Sachs and bassist Wanda “Vixen” Ortiz.

In 2014, he recorded vocals with the Arizona rock band Out There on the Out There Again Album with Kirk Krein, Tom Vanderginst and Sean Medhi. The album was released June 12, 2015.



Sean Medi Drummer for the Arizona rock band Out There

Sean Medhi – Drums, Percussion


Sean Medhi, has been recording drum tracks with the Arizona rock band Out There since 2009 and is on all of our songs.

Sean has played in many bands over the years, the most recent being Snake City Playboys.

It’s  been a pleasure recording with you Sean! You are an amazing drummer!

Great Job Man!!!!! KK










Diesel (Kirks American Bull Dog)


Kirk’s Dog Diesel, protector of the Arizona band Out There and DreamLand Studios.

Such a good little puppy!

If you listen real close, you may just hear him, LOL













Many thanks to Mark VanDruff of V-Pro VanDruff Productions Inc. http://www.vproweb.com for recording the clean vocal tracks of Stephen Fontaine out there in CA. (Final mix by DreamLand Studios). Mark also played the lead guitar riff on Feel So Good! Awesome job Mark!!!!


Thanks to Todd West for his support in our beginning stages of  the band Out There. Kirk and Todd played in the band Sand Creek back in the early 1970’s.

Check out Todd’s First Aid Preparedness website www.firstaidglobal.com

On September 12, 2015 – Kirk Krein’s, Dreamland Studios finished Todd’s mix and mastered a song called When We Go, written and performed by Todd West with the help of some amazing virtual instruments that he used, an awesome country rock tune. Good job Todd, it could really go somewhere dude!!!!! Really nice song writing!


Thanks to Brian Vines for providing the art work on the From The Beginning Album Cover.

Brian’s website www.designsbyvines.com


Thanks to CD Baby for acting as our publisher and distributing our tunes to the world.


Thanks to BrutalDesign for the great WordPress Theme!!


The Biggest Thank You goes out to our Fans for supporting our band Out There, please come back and visit our site again soon!


It’s never too late to realize a dream! We can still Rock after all these years!!